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Energy Innovations That Can Power the Fight Against Poverty
Innovations That Can Power the Fight Against Poverty
By Bill Gates |
Energy for the Poor Powering the Fight Against Poverty
Affordable clean energy should be high on the anti-poverty agenda.
By Bill Gates | june 25, 2014
Meeting the world’s energy needs requires an honest assessment.
By Bill Gates | October 13, 2010
Bjorn Lomborg sheds light on energy poverty in these two videos.
By Bill Gates | June 25, 2014
Pioneering Power We Need Energy Miracles
How to get breakthrough ideas that provide power to the poorest people.
By Bill Gates | June 25, 2014
Power Up, Carbon Down On the Road to Energy Solutions
Climate change's impact on the world’s poorest makes innovation critical.
By Bill Gates | March 23, 2012
Energy Storage is Critical We Need a Battery Miracle
Donald Sadoway and I discuss the importance of battery storage technology.
By Bill Gates | October 6, 2011
Going Public on Energy Talking About Energy Miracles at TED
Addressing climate change will require zero-carbon energy sources.
By Bill Gates | March 8, 2010
Keep the Switch On The Energy Research Imperative
Why we need increased government investment in clean energy innovation.
By Bill Gates | November 17, 2011
This U.S. energy agency funds R&D to develop new sources of clean energy.
By Bill Gates | February 28, 2012
The Stuff of Modern Life Have You Hugged a Concrete Pillar Today?
A fascinating look at the stuff that makes modern life possible.
By Bill Gates | June 12, 2014
Black Tie at Bambi A Packed 36 Hours in Berlin
I met up with activists, politicians, scientists, and even rock stars.
By Bill Gates | November 14, 2013
Melinda and I were asked to suggest good books while at TED this year.
By Bill Gates | March 26, 2014
Breakthrough technology and other impressions from my stop in China.
By Bill Gates | June 20, 2014
Ask Me Anything Again My Third AMA
Answering questions about food security, eradicating disease, my Secret Santa, and more.
By Bill Gates | February 5, 2015
Two Days for 60 Minutes Talking to 60 Minutes
I had fun talking to Charlie Rose and shared thoughts about the story.
By Bill Gates | May 12, 2013
Impressions of India Meeting the New Prime Minister
India's Prime Minister has the country talking about toilets.
By Bill Gates | October 6, 2014
South Korea is making the transition from developing to developed country.
By Bill Gates | May 2, 2013
Melinda and I encouraged scientists to innovate to help the poor.
By Bill Gates | April 28, 2013
The Gates Foundation issued a challenge to redesign the toilet.
By Bill Gates | August 23, 2012
This machine turns feces into water and electricity—and may save lives.
By Bill Gates | January 5, 2015
Meeting Kofi Annan and Bill Clinton at the United Nations General Assembly.
By Bill Gates | September 23, 2013
Give Kids an Equal Chance Speaking Up for the Common Core
Should every student be held to the same standard for graduation? I think so.
By Bill Gates | March 17, 2014
EcoMotors is proposing an overhaul for this century-old workhorse.
By Bill Gates | April 19, 2012
I saw a healthcare system tracking and using data to great effect.
By Bill Gates | March 27, 2013
Last month we caught up with Paul Farmer, a hero of global health.
By Bill Gates | March 6, 2014
A Nigerian doctor’s harrowing account of outlasting the deadly virus.
By | November 12, 2014
Fighting Blindness A Story From One of My Heroes
How a global coalition came together to curb a crippling disease.
By Bill Gates | May 16, 2014
On this trip to New York, we took a fundamental step towards ending polio.
By Bill Gates | September 27, 2012
On the Subcontinent Going—and Listening—to India
What Melinda and I hope to discuss with the country’s leaders when we visit.
By Bill Gates | September 17, 2014