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Africa Sharing My Travels and Thoughts About the Continent
BY Bill Gates
African countries are making great improvements in health and agriculture, reducing disease and hunger and increasing quality of life for their people.
Africa’s Table Why Does Hunger Still Exist in Africa?
BY Bill Gates AUGUST 1, 2014
Stunted children don’t reach their potential, physically or mentally.
Africa’s Table Fortifying Africa’s Future
BY Bill Gates AUGUST 1, 2014
Adding essential nutrients to cooking oil, flour and salt gives children a chance to thrive.
Africa’s Table Increasing Awesome in Africa with John Green
BY Bill Gates AUGUST 1, 2014
What impresses me most about John Green is his courage to ask tough questions—about cancer, the conflict in the Central African Republic, even how giraffes have sex.
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 26, 2012
Thanks to the efforts of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, today there are the fewest number of new polio cases in the fewest districts in the fewest countries than at any time in history.
BY Bill Gates ON DECEMBER 3, 2013
I visited Nigeria last month, and saw firsthand how work is progressing on polio eradication and immunization.
BY Bill Gates ON NOVEMBER 30, 2012
The changes and progress in 2012 have made for the most convincing case yet that ending polio is possible – and is one of the most concrete accomplishments possible for global health.
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 24, 2012
The world has an opportunity to join together to end polio. Thanks for your continued support of this goal.
BY Bill Gates ON MARCH 26, 2014
More Indians have access to cell phones than to clean and private toilets, leading to 200,000 deaths from diarrhea each year. Last week Delhi, India, hosted its first Reinvent the Toilet fair.
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 25, 2013
It was a terrific final day at the U.N. for Melinda and me. We got the chance to address the members of the General Assembly to discuss the Millennium Development Goals.
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 24, 2013
Day two in New York just ended, and it was another terrific day. Melinda and I got to see a lot of people who share many of the goals we're working on.
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 29, 2013
I try to visit India at least once a year.
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 23, 2013
I attended U.N. Week to meet with leaders from parts of the world where the Gates Foundation is working.
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 3, 2013
Seven donors contributed $335 million to fight polio through vaccinations at this first-ever event.
20 years of growth India’s Progress
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 19, 2012
If you’re wondering whether development aid programs really do any good, or if you doubt that government spending on things like health can really make a difference, then you should go to India, as I did again just recently.
BY Bill Gates ON DECEMBER 23, 2013
You're probably seeing a lot of people's year-end lists right now, going through the best movies, books, YouTube clips, grumpy cat memes, etc. I thought I would share a different kind of list: some of the good news you might have missed.
BY Bill Gates ON NOVEMBER 12, 2013
Over the past few months I got a crash course in magazine publishing thanks to a fun collaboration with WIRED magazine.
What we hadn’t seen before The Turning Point: Our First Trip to Africa
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 21, 2012
During our trip to Africa in 1993, Melinda and I had our first encounter with deep poverty, and it had a profound impact on us.
Two days for 60 minutes Talking to 60 Minutes
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 12, 2013
I had fun talking to Charlie Rose. I’ve posted a behind-the-scene recap of the 60 Minutes story.