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Polio I Believe We Can Get Rid of Polio by 2018
I Believe We Can Get Rid of Polio by 2018
By Bill Gates |
On the Right Track What I Learned About Polio in Nigeria
In Nigeria I saw firsthand how work is progressing on polio eradication.
By Bill Gates | december 3, 2013
A Broad-Based Commitment Nigeria’s Progress against Polio
Immunization has dramatically reduced the number of polio cases in Nigeria.
By Bill Gates | March 1, 2011
Eastern India's Bihar state closes in on eradicating polio.
By Bill Gates | March 1, 2011
Thanks to everyone working to end polio. Let's keep at it.
By Bill Gates | October 24, 2012
We must stay on track to end polio and keep the disease from spreading.
By Bill Gates | March 1, 2011
The Global Polio Eradication Initiative is making important changes.
By Bill Gates | November 30, 2012
The polio epidemics of the past were terrible and unsettling times.
By Bill Gates | June 22, 2011
I'm working with Michael Bloomberg to eradicate polio once and for all.
We reached a critical milestone in the race to eradicate polio.
By Bill Gates | May 3, 2013
On this trip to New York, we took a fundamental step towards ending polio.
By Bill Gates | September 28, 2012
The Urban Health Initiative helps women in slums get contraception.
By Bill Gates | June 24, 2012
Reasons to Visit Why India?
In this visit, I was interested to learn about India's progress in health.
By Bill Gates | June 11, 2012
Three Convictions The Richard Dimbleby Lecture
A simple pie chart made me realize that children's lives were at risk.
By Bill Gates | January 30, 2013
In Spite of Tough Conditions Progress & Promise in Nigeria
Nigeria continues to make progress in eradicating polio.
By Bill Gates | March 1, 2011
During U.N. Week I met with leaders to talk about global health issues.
By Bill Gates | September 23, 2013
2014 was a turbulent year—but there was plenty of positive news too.
By Bill Gates | December 15, 2014
Spending Pennies, Saving Lives The Miracle of Vaccines
Vaccines, one of the best investments you can make for improving health.
By Bill Gates | December 1, 2014
20 Years of Growth India’s Progress
In India I saw how aid and spending on health can make a difference.
By Bill Gates | June 19, 2012
I try to visit India at least once a year.
By Bill Gates | May 29, 2013
Looking back at 2013, I wanted to share a different kind of list.
By Bill Gates | December 23, 2013
How Ghana has integrated vaccination into its health services system.
By Bill Gates | March 25, 2013
The People I Met My Trip to India
When I visit India, I speak with many people to learn about the country.
By Bill Gates | June 18, 2012
2015 Annual Letter A Big Bet for 2030
In our Annual Letter, Melinda and I wrote about what the future holds.
By Bill Gates | January 21, 2015
Day two in New York at the UN just ended, and it was another terrific day.
By Bill Gates | September 24, 2013
On the Subcontinent Going—and Listening—to India
What Melinda and I hope to discuss with the country’s leaders when we visit.
By Bill Gates | September 17, 2014
I got a crash course in publishing thanks to WIRED magazine.
By Bill Gates | November 12, 2013
We’re not ready for it. But we can get there.
By Bill Gates | March 18, 2015
It was a terrific final day at the U.N. for Melinda and me today.
By Bill Gates | September 25, 2013
Two Days for 60 Minutes Talking to 60 Minutes
I had fun talking to Charlie Rose and shared thoughts about the story.
By Bill Gates | May 12, 2013
What We Hadn’t Seen Before The Turning Point: Our First Trip to Africa
Melinda and I had a trip to Africa in 1993 that affected us profoundly.
By Bill Gates | September 21, 2012
Ask Me Anything Again My Third AMA
Answering questions about food security, eradicating disease, my Secret Santa, and more.
By Bill Gates | February 5, 2015
Short-Term Crisis, Long-Term Need Ebola, Beyond the Headlines
What to do about the virus in the short term, and in the years to come.
By Bill Gates | October 6, 2014