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Questions on polio A Conversation with Bill Gates: Progress Against Polio
BY Bill Gates ON FEBRUARY 18, 2012
Watch a webcast where I take questions from viewers around the world, to answer questions on progress against polio.
ROUND UP Talking Polio, Education at TED
BY Bill Gates ON JANUARY 11, 2011
The TED Conference is known for highly stimulating talks by trailblazing thinkers (and doers) from around the world. They asked me to plan a session for this year’s conference, so I'm calling on speakers who will shed light on two of my favorite topics: eradicating polio and transforming educat...
Showing commitment A Call to Action on World Polio Day
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 21, 2011
In advance of World Polio Day, let's look at the historic opportunity to end polio.
At the UN in NY 3,000 Miles for 3 Minutes: A Global Call to End Polio
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 25, 2012
I’m joining an amazing group of global leaders and donors at the UN in New York this week. We’re coming together to state our pledge to eradicate polio, a global health goal that’s never been so close.
On the right track A Great Meeting on Polio with Afghanistan Officials
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 10, 2012
Afghanistan faces real challenges in stopping polio. But after meeting with Afghani political and health leaders in Abu Dhabi, I’m optimistic they’re on the right track and that we will see a polio-free Afghanistan.
A name to know A Hero in the Battle Against Polio
BY Bill Gates ON FEBRUARY 8, 2012
A Bangladeshi public health doctor, Asm Amjad Hossain, is the first recipient of the Gates Vaccine Innovation Award, which recognizes individuals who make significant contributions to advancing work in vaccine-preventable diseases.
One year polio-free Angola’s Re-Match Against Polio Underscores the Urgency of Global Eradication
BY Bill Gates ON AUGUST 31, 2012
Angola marks a full year without a new case of polio, evidence that with sustained focus we could end polio forever.
Getting close The End Game against Polio
BY Bill Gates ON MARCH 1, 2011
Fighting an infectious disease seems most necessary when it is of epidemic proportions. But with polio, intensified vaccination efforts could bring total eradication for all time. I believe that stamping out polio will have enormous benefits.
Let's finish the job My Annual Letter: End Polio Now
BY Bill Gates ON MARCH 1, 2011
Polio, once a worldwide scourge, threatens to make a comeback unless all countries do their part to eliminate it. Eradication is tantalizingly close but funding to fight the disease still falls short.
An incredible opportunity Creating a Polio-Free World Requires Action Now
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 25, 2012
Ending polio is one of my top personal priorities and a big focus of our foundation’s work in global health. We’re incredibly close to eradicating polio forever, but it’s crucial that global leaders continue to provide the leadership, political will, and financial resources needed to finish the...
My #1 Priority Day 2 at the UN: Uniting against Polio
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 27, 2012
Polio has almost been eradicated from the face of the Earth – but not quite, not yet. In New York on Thursday, heads of state and other world leaders came together to recommit to finally closing the door on this disease. It was very inspiring.
"Last mile" to polio Digital Mapping Technology Helps Polio Vaccinators Zero In
BY Bill Gates ON NOVEMBER 5, 2012
Digital Mapping Technology Help Polio Vaccinators Zero In
One of the things I’ve learned working on the global effort to eradicate polio is that it’s a complex war fought with lots of people on the ground and very detailed plans by vaccination teams to ensure that no children are overlooked. Now, public health officials have another tool in their arse...
A targeted effort GIS Mapping & GPS Tracking for Polio in Nigeria
BY Bill Gates ON NOVEMBER 5, 2012
A digital mapping system is being used in Nigeria to help health workers target specific areas for immunization efforts in the fight or eradicate polio.
Counting polio out Global Polio Eradication Initiative: A Partnership that is Getting Results
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 26, 2012
Global Polio Eradication Initiative
Thanks to the efforts of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, today there are the fewest number of new polio cases in the fewest districts in the fewest countries than at any time in history.
A tough challenge In Pakistan, Victory Against Polio is in the Hands of Local Officials
BY Bill Gates ON JULY 17, 2012
Pakistan is one of three countries in which polio remains endemic. But I met recently with a group of national and provincial officials who seem to have a clear-eyed view of what it will take to finish the job.
we can't stop now It’s Time to Vanquish Polio
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 25, 2010
Polio could be the first disease of the 21st century to be eradicated. World Polio Day helps to raise funds and bring increased awareness to how close we are in the fight to end this crippling disease.
An Encouraging Visit Nigeria Advances the Fight against Polio
BY Bill Gates ON JULY 23, 2010
In a visit to Africa’s most populous nation, I witnessed remarkable progress against polio, with lessons for the fight against infectious diseases worldwide.
Teaming up Our Plan to Eradicate Polio
BY ON MARCH 4, 2013
First published in the Wall Street Journal, this opinion piece urges fast action by the global health community to eradicate polio in the three countries where it remains endemic: Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan.
A childhood terror The History of Polio in the U.S.
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 23, 2011
David Oshinsky, the author of 'Polio: An American Story' reflects on the history of polio and the final push needed for eradication.
A Broad-based commitment Nigeria’s Progress against Polio
BY Bill Gates ON MARCH 1, 2011
A broad-based commitment to vaccination programs is bringing Nigeria close to putting an end to the disease.
Speaking at the Rotary Club Rotarians Urged to Create Noise on Polio
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 26, 2011
Over 25 years, Rotary has contributed more than $1B to eradicate polio, and has teamed with the foundation to raise $555 million to help stamp out "the final 1 percent." At Rotary's annual convention, I urged members to keep the issue alive globally and with local government leaders.
Once and for all Polio Primer: History, Progress and Hope
BY Bill Gates ON MARCH 1, 2011
See how the global community is moving to stamp out polio once and for all.
Closing in on 1% Turning the Corner on Polio in 2012
BY Bill Gates ON NOVEMBER 30, 2012
Turning the Corner on Polio
The changes and progress in 2012 have made for the most convincing case yet that ending polio is possible – and is one of the most concrete accomplishments possible for global health.
On the Right Track What I Learned About Polio in Nigeria
BY Bill Gates ON DECEMBER 3, 2013
What I Learned About Polio in Nigeria
I had a great visit to Nigeria last month and was able to learn firsthand about how work is going on polio eradication and immunizing kids against preventable diseases. There’s a tremendous opportunity now for Nigeria to eradicate polio and it was exciting to meet with many of the government an...
Join Us World Polio Day: A Day to Learn, Act, Donate
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 24, 2012
Since 1988, 200 countries and 20 million volunteers have joined forces in the global effort to end polio. This year alone, nearly 400 million children have been vaccinated. I’m proud to be part of this effort. I hope you’ll join me in ending polio forever.
My Bookshelf Polio: An American Story
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 22, 2011
Polio: An American Story - Book Review
Here's my review of the Pulitzer-prize winning book Polio: An American Story by author David Oshinsky.
3rd Annual Letter 2011 Annual Letter
BY Bill Gates ON JANUARY 31, 2011
My third annual letter on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s work talks about foreign aid, vaccines, polio, and the importance of leadership.
Food and agriculture 2012 Annual Letter
BY Bill Gates ON JANUARY 24, 2012
My annual letter for 2012 focuses on food and agriculture, and the urgency of investing to end extreme poverty despite economic turmoil. I have good news but also a concern that continued progress could be threatened by global economic turmoil.
Questions on how individuals can help A Conversation with Bill Gates: How Can I Help
BY Bill Gates ON FEBRUARY 18, 2012
Watch a webcast where I take questions from viewers around the world, to answer questions about how individuals can help.
A man of letters My Annual Letter: Accelerating Impact through Measurement
BY Bill Gates ON JANUARY 23, 2013
Why I Write an Annual Letter
On January 30, I’ll be sending out my annual letter. It’s the fifth one I’ve written and I look forward to sharing what we’ve learned in our work at the foundation and how that learning will be applied to our efforts moving forward. Most of all, I really enjoy hearing back from you and many of...
What we hadn’t seen before The Turning Point: Our First Trip to Africa
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 21, 2012
Our First Trip to Africa
During our trip to Africa in 1993, Melinda and I had our first encounter with deep poverty, and it had a profound impact on us.
Two days for 60 minutes Talking to 60 Minutes
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 12, 2013
Talking to 60 Minutes
I just watched Charlie Rose’s story on 60 Minutes about the work Melinda and I are doing. I’ve spoken with Charlie several times over the years and am always impressed by how well-prepared and thoughtful he is.
Publishing 101 How I Became the Editor of WIRED (for One Issue)
BY Bill Gates ON NOVEMBER 12, 2013
How I Became Editor of WIRED
As someone who is usually reading magazines (or occasionally appearing in them), I hadn’t spent a lot of time thinking about what goes into producing a regular periodical. I got a crash course in Publishing 101 over the past few months thanks to a really interesting and fun collaboration with W...
#yourquestions Five Questions from the Twitterverse
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 24, 2013
Last week, I did an onstage Q and A with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey at the annual investors summit hosted by Vinod Khosla. Jack also solicited questions from the Twitterverse. Here are my thoughts on a few of the questions from his followers.
a very good year Good News You Might Have Missed in 2013
BY Bill Gates ON DECEMBER 23, 2013
Year in Review 2013
Unlike a lot of people's year-end lists, I thought I would share a different kind of list: some of the good news you might have missed. I've limited my list to global health and development, where Melinda and I spend a lot of time, but even so, there's a lot to report.
Crosstown express A Day of Criss-Crossing Manhattan
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 24, 2013
Cross crossing Manhattan
Day two in New York just ended, and it was another terrific day. Melinda and I got to see a lot of people who share many of the goals we're working on.
The people I met Photos from My Trip to Ethiopia and Zambia
BY Bill Gates ON APRIL 6, 2012
On my recent trip to Ethiopia and Zambia, I met with health workers, families, and farmers, and learned about the progress they are making in meeting healthcare and agricultural challenges.
In DC Teaming with Bill Clinton on Capitol Hill
BY Bill Gates ON JANUARY 6, 2010
On March 10, I was in Washington, DC, where Melinda received the Global Trailblazer Award from Vital Voices for her leadership in development. I also testified before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Crazy good The End of a Crazy Week in NYC
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 25, 2013
The End of a Crazy UN Week in NYC
It was a terrific final day at the U.N. for Melinda and me today. The highlight was our chance to address the members of the General Assembly at a special meeting to discuss the Millennium Development Goals.
A solid investment Why Our Foundation Invests in India
BY Bill Gates ON FEBRUARY 10, 2012
There is no better place to have an impact than India. That is why I believe India is a solid investment for anyone who cares about development.
Davos for Asia A Productive Day at the Bo’ao Conference
BY Bill Gates ON APRIL 10, 2013
In China at the Bo'ao Conference
I attended the Bo’ao Forum for Asia on Hainan Island in China, an annual conference attracting government and business leaders.
UNGA 2013 Kicking Off the Week with Nigeria's President
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 23, 2013
Kick Off with Nigerian President
It's the kickoff to U.N. Week here in New York, and while locals like to complain about the traffic (I can see why), it is a great opportunity for me to meet with leaders from parts of the world where our foundation is working—to talk about global health and development projects.
In the slums of Mumbai Q&A with Katherine Boo, Author of Behind the Beautiful Forevers
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 15, 2012
With its detailed depiction of life in one of Mumbai’s urban slums, 'Behind the Beautiful Forevers' is one of those books that makes you wonder about the story behind the story. So I asked author Katherine Boo if she would answer a few questions.
Conversations in Abu Dhabi The Majlis Lectures
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 10, 2012
While in Abu Dhabi this week, I took part in a Majlis, a wide-ranging dialogue about global issues hosted by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.
A Good Trip Why I’m Going to India
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 29, 2013
India is in an interesting position: It has both a deep understanding of the challenges and great capacity to help solve them. India’s cities are flush with highly educated people working in well-funded labs, as well as extremely poor communities like the slum in Uttar Pradesh that I visited la...
Commitment to end polio A Conversation with Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Ali Al-Madani, President, Islamic Development Bank Group
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 8, 2012
Last month in New York City, President Ali and I joined Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the presidents of Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan, and other world leaders at a high-level event during the UN General Assembly, where President Ali announced the Islamic Development Bank’s (IDB) full commi...
A busy day in NY Day 1 at the UN: Talking Health and Development
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 26, 2012
As the United Nations General Assembly convenes in New York this week, I’ve been asked to come and speak about the need for nations around the world to recommit to eradicating polio. Here are some notes from my first day at the UN.
Catching up Day 1 at the UN: Good Friends from Around the World
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 26, 2012
For me, Wednesday afternoon at the UN General Assembly was a great chance to catch up with some of our allies from all over who are working on the frontlines of global health and development.
Teaming up with FC Barcelona More Than a Goal: End Polio
BY Bill Gates ON JULY 28, 2011
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is teaming up with FC Barcelona to draw attention to vaccines and polio. This exciting partnership brings together two organizations with a history and commitment to improving children’s lives. It creates an opportunity for millions of fans worldwide to...
Photos from my trip Snapshots of UN Week
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 1, 2012
View photos from my trip to New York for a special UN session on eradicating polio. I had a chance to meet with some of our partners in this fight - from Barcelona footballers to the President of Afghanistan.
Not Letting Up Going the Last Mile in India
BY Bill Gates ON MARCH 1, 2011
Recognizing a precious opportunity, India is not letting up in its drive to stamp out polio in the few regions where it still hides out.
A generous turnout Behind the Scenes at the Vaccine Summit
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 3, 2013
Behind the Scenes at the Vaccine Summit
In this video, I thank seven donors who came together at the Global Vaccine Summit to contribute $335 million to help eradicate polio.
A Kind of Magic My Annual Letter: Vaccine Miracles
BY Bill Gates ON FEBRUARY 16, 2011
Global vaccination programs and vaccine research fight disease and save millions of lives. In my 2011 letter as co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, I explain how vaccines can ultimately help eradicate poverty and overpopulation, boost education and protect the environment.
Off to a great start Global Vaccine Summit: We Changed History
BY Bill Gates ON APRIL 28, 2013
Global Vaccine Summit
I wanted to share my excitement over the outcomes of the Global Vaccine Summit in Abu Dhabi, celebrating the huge progress toward ending polio and protecting all children with life-saving vaccines.
First, celebrate Not Your Typical Vaccine Conference
BY Bill Gates ON APRIL 22, 2013
This week I'm going to Abu Dhabi to attend the Global Vaccine Summit to celebrate the tremendous progress the world has made in ending polio and immunizing children.
Thoughts and drawings Vaccines Save Lives
BY Bill Gates ON JANUARY 29, 2011
My thoughts about vaccines and polio, drawn on sketch paper.
Long-term commitment Why Vaccines Matter
BY Bill Gates ON FEBRUARY 9, 2010
Providing greater access to existing vaccines and making new vaccines available quickly could save 8 million lives by 2020. With a 10-year, $10 billion commitment, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is supporting immunization programs designed to reach children in the world’s poorest count...
More work to do Speech Urges Sustained Effort to Eradicate Malaria
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 19, 2011
On October 18, at the foundation’s second annual Malaria Forum, I spoke about the progress being made in the war against the dreaded parasitic disease. But more needs to be done to control and eradicate it, including a higher level of preventive drug treatment for pregnant women, additional res...
A difficult job worth doing A Commitment to Global Health
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 17, 2011
A Commitment to Global Health
I'm celebrating the progress made in global health and calling on the World Health Assembly to support vaccines for all children.
Encouraging innovation A Grand Challenge: Unorthodox Research Ideas
BY Bill Gates ON MARCH 31, 2010
To spur innovative thinking about health solutions for developing countries, Grand Challenges Explorations is making $100,000 grants to fund non-traditional early-stage research projects. Applications for the latest round of grants will be accepted through May 19.
#morequestions Answering More #askBillG Questions about India
BY Bill Gates ON JULY 10, 2012
India is a remarkable place. It touches all your senses and emotions. The videos and articles I posted from my latest trip prompted a number of questions.
In spite of tough conditions Progress & Promise in Nigeria
BY Bill Gates ON MARCH 1, 2011
In 2000, all 192 member states of the United Nations agreed to work together to achieve eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. I believe we all can learn from the MDG progress being made in Nigeria, which faces some of the greatest challenges.
Global Polio Eradication Initiative Bruce Aylward's TED2011 Talk
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 25, 2011
Public health experts and millions of volunteers have worked intensively over the last 20 years to rid the world of polio. With a sustained final push, eradication is possible, says Dr. Bruce Aylward, director of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.
Meeting problems with solutions India Day 1: Getting Better All The Time
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 30, 2013
India Q&A with Prannoy Roy and Aamir Khan
Halfway through the first day of my India trip, TV personality Prannoy Roy told a story I think really highlights the progress of India’s long journey to better health.
Life in Lucknow Day One in India, May 2012
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 30, 2012
Day One in India, May 2012
I’m in India this week, and my first stop is in the state of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.). In U.P.’s capital, Lucknow, I’m meeting with people from just about the two most opposite ends of the social spectrum.
Vaccines and mangoes India: Day Two
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 31, 2012
My second full-day in India started with a meeting with a high-level delegation from Pakistan of people working on eradicating polio in their country. It was tremendously kind of them to come to Delhi to see me. We had a lot to discuss.
One year polio-free India Marks a Milestone for Child Health
BY Bill Gates ON JANUARY 9, 2012
This Friday will mark a full year since the last case of wild poliovirus was detected in India. This is a huge milestone in the history of global health. But the fight against polio is not over.
20 years of growth India’s Progress
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 19, 2012
India's Progress
If you’re wondering whether development aid programs really do any good, or if you doubt that government spending on things like health can really make a difference, then you should go to India, as I did again just recently.
The people I met My Trip to India
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 18, 2012
My Trip to India
I go to India at least once a year to see the progress of the work our foundation is doing there. I’ve posted several videos from my most recent visit.
partners in progress New Generation of Gulf Leaders in the Fight Against Global Poverty and Disease
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 9, 2012
Young leaders in the Gulf region are taking advantage of the region’s rising prosperity, its unique insights and technical savvy, and combining them with a long tradition of charity to make unique contributions to the global fight against poverty and disease. That was my message in a speech at...
once and for all New Health Partnership in Middle East
BY Bill Gates ON JANUARY 25, 2011
I’m pleased to share news of an important collaboration with United Arab Emirates’ deputy supreme commander, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. We’re joining together to immunize a generation of children through the purchase and delivery of vital va...
We have proof Real Lives. Real Progress.
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 15, 2010
Optimism is always in short supply, but it’s needed to sustain efforts to improve global health and support development. Fortunately, thanks to development aid, reasons for optimism abound. To help highlight them, and Melinda and I are actively involved in the Living Proof campaign.
Three convictions The Richard Dimbleby Lecture
BY Bill Gates ON JANUARY 30, 2013
The Richard Dimbleby Lecture was founded in the 1970’s in memory of one of the UK’s most influential broadcasters and is hosted each year by the BBC. I was incredibly honored to deliver the keynote speech for this year’s Dimbleby Lecture at The Royal Institution of Great Britain.
Travels in India Seeing Self-Help in Action in India
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 28, 2010
I was on the road again in May 2010 on a visit to northern India. I came back excited by the progress I saw in villages that have suffered from dire poverty and the persistence of polio.
In Africa Visiting Tanzania: A Battleground in the Fight Against Malaria
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 19, 2011
I get to Africa at least once a year to see first-hand how the foundation’s work in global health is progressing. It is a multi-faceted effort that includes eradicating polio and treating and preventing other diseases, including AIDS and tuberculosis. On my most recent trip – to Tanzania – Meli...
Meeting the people The Urban Health Initiative in India
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 24, 2012
I always look forward to visiting India for the opportunity to meet people who are benefiting from projects we’re supporting in key health areas, like family planning, polio eradication, and HIV/AIDS.
What's working What I’m Learning about Ghana
BY Bill Gates ON MARCH 25, 2013
What I'm Learning about Ghana
I'm visiting Ghana to see firsthand why the country’s immunization system is working so well and meet the people involved.
Reasons to visit Why India?
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 11, 2012
Why India?
Why I went to India – my reasons and a video preview of my reflections on the trip.
My Bookshelf SuperFreakonomics
BY Bill Gates ON FEBRUARY 1, 2010
Superfreakonomics - Book Review
Entertaining, well-written, and full of surprises and insights, 'SuperFreakonomics' is Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner’s follow up to 'Freakonomics'.
My Bookshelf Dirt and Disease: Polio Before FDR
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 7, 2011
Dirt and Disease - Book Review
In early 20th century America, the poor were often blamed for the spread of polio. The disease wasn’t fully understood, and it took a lot to overcome this.
My Bookshelf Smallpox the Death of a Disease: The Inside Story of Eradicating a Worldwide Killer
BY Bill Gates ON JULY 27, 2011
Smallpox: The Death of a Disease - Book Review
This book tells how Dr. D. A. Henderson led the fight by the WHO to eradicate smallpox. It's an exciting story, and it doesn't stop there - it goes on to look at the safety risks of retaining laboratory samples of the virus, and how other diseases can be eradicated.
Toilet Talk The Next Great Market Opportunity: Sanitation for India’s Poor
BY Bill Gates ON MARCH 26, 2014
The Next Great Market Opportunity: Sanitation for India's Poor
If you‘re inclined to take your toilet for granted, consider this. Half of all patients in hospitals in developing countries are there because of problems with water and sanitation. Last week we saw an encouraging sign that the sanitation issue is starting to get the traction it deserves: Delhi...
My Bookshelf Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 31, 2011
Poor Economics - Book Review
In my report to the G20 Summit, my recommendations on development aid will be based on solid data about what is and isn’t effective in helping the 2.5 billion people who barely get by each day. A great source of data-driven wisdom about development is the book Poor Economics.
Ask Me Anything Reddit AMA
BY Bill Gates ON MARCH 20, 2013
View the questions and answers from Bill's first-ever Reddit Ask Me Anything.
Advancing the MDGs Foreign Aid Advances Millennium Development Goals
BY Bill Gates ON NOVEMBER 3, 2011
In this photo gallery, meet some of the people who are helping their countries move closer to meeting the U.N. Millennium Development Goals.

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