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NBC hosts a fundraiser to help the world’s poor.
By Bill Gates | May 21, 2015
A few books you might enjoy when the weather gets warm.
By Bill Gates | May 19, 2015
Laugh-Out-Loud Sad A Funny, Brutally Honest Memoir
Allie Brosh’s memoir looks openly at depression. It’s also very funny.
By Bill Gates | May 19, 2015
The Munroe Doctrine Absurd But True Science Lessons
I got a kick out of Randall Munroe’s brilliant, offbeat science lessons.
By Bill Gates | May 19, 2015
A Great Refresher    In Science, We’re All Kids
I loved reading this science book for young adults.
By Bill Gates | May 19, 2015
Randall Munroe’s twisted comic takes on science and technology.
By Bill Gates | May 19, 2015
Investing for Life 50 Years of Warren’s Wisdom
A chat with my friend on his 50th anniversary at Berkshire.
By Bill Gates | May 12, 2015
Favorite Photos Warren and Me
A few pictures from over the 24 years I’ve known Warren Buffett.
By Bill Gates | May 12, 2015
What’s at Stake How to Save 3 Million Moms
How to reverse a horrific trend.
By Bill Gates | April 29, 2015
How stopping tuberculosis is like saving Paris.
By Bill Gates | April 29, 2015
A chart that shows what’s possible when it comes to fighting HIV.
By Bill Gates | April 29, 2015
Can we produce enough meat for everyone without wrecking the planet?
By Bill Gates | April 21, 2015
I hit the road to talk about preventing epidemics. Here’s what I heard.
By Bill Gates | April 15, 2015
Fast Fears, Slow Truths Where Do Vaccine Fears Come From?
A new mother writes about the world of vaccines.
By Bill Gates | March 30, 2015
We’re not ready for it. But we can get there.
By Bill Gates | March 18, 2015
Prose and Conferences 6 Books I Recommended for TED 2015
What I’m recommending to everyone at this year’s conference.
By Bill Gates | March 18, 2015
As I learned recently, it’s one thing to find a new tool that will help the people fighting this deadly disease. Getting it to them is another story.
By Bill Gates | March 18, 2015
How to Lie With Statistics is a great introduction to a crucial topic.
By Bill Gates | March 14, 2015
Research on ancient reptiles may help us understand how children grow.
By Bill Gates | February 24, 2015
On the Road Red Letter Days
“What about Ebola?” and other questions from our Annual Letter tour.
By Bill Gates | February 5, 2015
Ask Me Anything Again My Third AMA
Answering questions about food security, eradicating disease, my Secret Santa, and more.
By Bill Gates | February 5, 2015
2015 Annual Letter A Big Bet for 2030
In our Annual Letter, Melinda and I wrote about what the future holds.
By Bill Gates | January 21, 2015
This machine turns feces into water and electricity—and may save lives.
By Bill Gates | January 5, 2015
2014 was a turbulent year—but there was plenty of positive news too.
By Bill Gates | December 15, 2014
Can the lessons from Asia’s rise apply on another continent?
By Bill Gates | December 8, 2014
Different ≠ Less Than The Novel I Gave to 50 Friends
Graeme Simsion’s second Rosie book is just as smart, funny, and sweet as his first.
By Bill Gates | December 8, 2014
Spending Pennies, Saving Lives The Miracle of Vaccines
Vaccines, one of the best investments you can make for improving health.
By Bill Gates | December 1, 2014
The Future of Higher Education Online, All Students Sit in the Front Row
I went to Arizona to learn about a new era of online learning.
By Bill Gates | November 18, 2014
A Nigerian doctor’s harrowing account of outlasting the deadly virus.
By | November 12, 2014
New tools and a new strategy mean we can eradicate it in a generation.
By Bill Gates | November 2, 2014
Recommended Reads Good Disease Books
I read more books on disease than anything else. Here are four good ones.
By Bill Gates | November 2, 2014
Four new tools that are helping poor farmers grow more food.
By Bill Gates | October 28, 2014
Cornell’s Corn The Love Life of Plants
Studying the love life of plants could help millions escape poverty.
By Bill Gates | October 22, 2014
A slideshow about the world’s most interesting vegetable.
By Bill Gates | October 22, 2014
Wealth and Capital Why Inequality Matters
My thoughts on Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century.
By Bill Gates | October 13, 2014
Saving Lives Through Crazy Ideas Why Our Foundation Takes On Grand Challenges
Overwhelming a mosquito’s nose, and other risky notions we’re backing.
By Bill Gates | October 9, 2014
Short-Term Crisis, Long-Term Need Ebola, Beyond the Headlines
What to do about the virus in the short term, and in the years to come.
By Bill Gates | October 6, 2014
Impressions of India Meeting the New Prime Minister
India's Prime Minister has the country talking about toilets.
By Bill Gates | October 6, 2014
An Eye for Innovation From Idea to Reality
A reminder from two young Aussies about what it takes to innovate.
By Bill Gates | September 29, 2014
On the Subcontinent Going—and Listening—to India
What Melinda and I hope to discuss with the country’s leaders when we visit.
By Bill Gates | September 17, 2014
All In on ALS After the Ice Bucket
I made a video about ALS. Here’s what I learned from someone who has it.
By Bill Gates | September 15, 2014
Tech in Schools 6 Tools for Teachers
Promising apps and websites that could make your teacher’s job easier.
By Bill Gates | August 18, 2014
Lessons from School How Teachers Learn
What nine educators told Melinda about improving their practice.
By | August 18, 2014
I dumped cold water on my head for a good cause.
By Bill Gates | August 15, 2014
A New Era in Education The Future of College
How higher education can evolve for a new era.
By Bill Gates | August 8, 2014
Africa’s Table Fortifying Africa’s Future
Fortifying staple foods helps African children thrive.
By Bill Gates | August 1, 2014
You can help the world’s poorest kids get a healthy start on life.
By Bill Gates | August 1, 2014
John Green quizzes me on philanthropy, Ethiopia, and helicopters in Africa.
By Bill Gates | August 1, 2014
What new mothers in Ethiopia told me and the foundation’s CEO.
By Bill Gates | July 30, 2014
Business Adventures is old, hard to find, and the best business book ever.
By Bill Gates | July 13, 2014
Summer Reading 6 Books I'd Recommend
Half a dozen deeply informative and beautifully written books.
By Bill Gates | July 13, 2014
The former Treasury Secretary's front-row view of the financial crisis.
By Bill Gates | July 13, 2014
The Rosie Project is one of the best novels I’ve read in a long time.
By Bill Gates | July 13, 2014
An architect of Obamacare on why the U.S. health system needed to change.
By Bill Gates | July 12, 2014
My Bookshelf The Bully Pulpit
How Teddy Roosevelt and William Taft changed America.
By Bill Gates | July 12, 2014
Bjorn Lomborg sheds light on energy poverty in these two videos.
By Bill Gates | June 25, 2014
Affordable clean energy should be high on the anti-poverty agenda.
By Bill Gates | June 25, 2014
Pioneering Power We Need Energy Miracles
How to get breakthrough ideas that provide power to the poorest people.
By Bill Gates | June 25, 2014
Breakthrough technology and other impressions from my stop in China.
By Bill Gates | June 20, 2014
“Let Your Heart Break” What We Told Stanford’s Senior Class
Our commencement speech at Stanford University.
By Bill Gates | June 15, 2014
The Stuff of Modern Life Have You Hugged a Concrete Pillar Today?
A fascinating look at the stuff that makes modern life possible.
By Bill Gates | June 12, 2014
What we can learn from Jeffrey Sachs’s ambitious project in Africa.
By Bill Gates | May 21, 2014
Fighting Blindness A Story From One of My Heroes
How a global coalition came together to curb a crippling disease.
By Bill Gates | May 16, 2014
Coachella for Capitalists A Master Class with Warren Buffett
A report from one of my favorite weekends of the year.
By Bill Gates | May 6, 2014
Sharks are wimps, compared to this beast.
By Bill Gates | April 25, 2014
How a common bacterium may turn the tide against a terrible disease.
By Bill Gates | April 25, 2014
My visit to Cambodia, which is trying to eliminate the disease for good.
By Bill Gates | April 25, 2014
Melinda and I were asked to suggest good books while at TED this year.
By Bill Gates | March 26, 2014
Last month we caught up with Paul Farmer, a hero of global health.
By Bill Gates | March 6, 2014
There were some great questions during my latest Reddit AMA.
By Bill Gates | February 12, 2014
Looking back at 2013, I wanted to share a different kind of list.
By Bill Gates | December 23, 2013
Seven Reads I'll Remember The Best Books I Read in 2013
I read a lot, but I don’t always choose what’s on the bestseller list.
By Bill Gates | December 12, 2013
Farewell, Madiba Remembering Nelson Mandela
Melinda and I admired Nelson Mandela for his courage.
By Bill Gates | December 6, 2013
In Nigeria I saw firsthand how work is progressing on polio eradication.
By Bill Gates | December 3, 2013
Philanthropy for Everyone How You Can Be a More Effective Donor
Giving Tuesday isn't just good for charities; it's also good for donors.
By Bill Gates | December 2, 2013
Ken Burns asked me to recite the Gettysburg Address for his new film.
By Bill Gates | November 19, 2013
Black Tie at Bambi A Packed 36 Hours in Berlin
I met up with activists, politicians, scientists, and even rock stars.
By Bill Gates | November 14, 2013
I got a crash course in publishing thanks to WIRED magazine.
By Bill Gates | November 12, 2013
Become a Big Historian Big History for Everyone
We’ve launched a new version of Big History that’s open and free to all.
By Bill Gates | November 1, 2013
News Worth Celebrating A Big Milestone for Saving Children
Partners came together to manufacture a vaccine to save children's lives.
By Bill Gates | October 9, 2013
It was a terrific final day at the U.N. for Melinda and me today.
By Bill Gates | September 25, 2013
Meeting Kofi Annan and Bill Clinton at the United Nations General Assembly.
By Bill Gates | September 24, 2013
Day two in New York at the UN just ended, and it was another terrific day.
By Bill Gates | September 24, 2013
During U.N. Week I met with leaders to talk about global health issues.
By Bill Gates | September 23, 2013
The Tough Job of Teaching What Teachers Mean to Me
This documentary shows some of the challenges teachers are up against.
By Bill Gates | September 5, 2013
The Big History Project is now free to any educator.
By Bill Gates | August 15, 2013
India is making more-affordable vaccines and more-productive crops.
By Bill Gates | June 27, 2013
A free resource for teachers to find educational sites, apps, and services.
By Bill Gates | June 24, 2013
A Vacation, a Plan, a Canal… Taking the Family to the Panama Canal
My family took a trip to see one of the biggest civic works projects.
By Bill Gates | June 17, 2013
In Hyderabad, I saw how improvement in crop production helps poor farmers.
By Bill Gates | June 4, 2013
See the results of a study on the rates of child deaths from diarrhea.
By Bill Gates | May 30, 2013
I try to visit India at least once a year.
By Bill Gates | May 29, 2013
Two Days for 60 Minutes Talking to 60 Minutes
I had fun talking to Charlie Rose and shared thoughts about the story.
By Bill Gates | May 12, 2013
What’s one thing we’re doing that harms teachers and students?
By Bill Gates | May 6, 2013
We reached a critical milestone in the race to eradicate polio.
By Bill Gates | May 3, 2013
South Korea is making the transition from developing to developed country.
By Bill Gates | May 2, 2013
Melinda and I encouraged scientists to innovate to help the poor.
By Bill Gates | April 29, 2013
Text messaging has increased immunization rates in Mozambique.
By Bill Gates | April 24, 2013
Dogs, Tweets, and Tokyo What Does 20 Million Look Like?
This decade, childhood vaccine programs will save 20 million lives.
By Bill Gates | April 22, 2013
No "One Size Fits All" Putting HIV Patients at the Center
The lessons I drew from my visit to a clinic in South Africa.
By Bill Gates | April 10, 2013
I saw a healthcare system tracking and using data to great effect.
By Bill Gates | March 27, 2013
How Ghana has integrated vaccination into its health services system.
By Bill Gates | March 25, 2013
Going for GMOs Farmers Deserve Options
Farmers have started hearing about GMO seeds, and they all want them.
By | March 7, 2013
I'm working with Michael Bloomberg to eradicate polio once and for all.
New and Improved Seeds Reflections on My Trip to Mexico City
In Mexico, I met with scientists who are working to increase crop yields.
By Bill Gates | February 20, 2013
Reaching Across 5 Continents The Giving Pledge Goes International
Over 100 billionaires are giving away the majority of their wealth.
By Bill Gates | February 20, 2013
You can download my 2013 annual letter in several different languages.
By Bill Gates | January 31, 2013
Al Gore, Colbert, & More Annual Letter Kick-Off in New York
I had some great talks about measurement and the impact of foreign aid.
By Bill Gates | January 31, 2013
“Developing Countries”? The River of Myths by Hans Rosling
Hans Rosling shows how countries are making progress in saving lives.
By Bill Gates | January 31, 2013
Three Convictions The Richard Dimbleby Lecture
A simple pie chart made me realize that children's lives were at risk.
By Bill Gates | January 30, 2013
Gordon Conway provides a roadmap for eliminating hunger in the world.
By Bill Gates | December 17, 2012
The Global Polio Eradication Initiative is making important changes.
By Bill Gates | November 30, 2012
We can all take action against AIDS, by learning, acting, and giving.
By Bill Gates | November 30, 2012
Budget debates should consider college access and completion rates.
By Bill Gates | November 13, 2012
Why are other countries beating the U.S. in global measures of education?
By Bill Gates | October 30, 2012
Other countries are ahead of the U.S. on student skills and knowledge.
By Bill Gates | October 30, 2012
Who wouldn't like candy that tastes great but is healthier for you?
By Bill Gates | October 26, 2012
Thanks to everyone working to end polio. Let's keep at it.
By Bill Gates | October 24, 2012
Starting with a Bang Big History Course Structure