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Big History My Favorite Course of All Time
BY Bill Gates
The Big History Project is an online course that looks at 14 billion years of history.
Education What it Takes to Improve America's Schools
BY Bill Gates
Great teaching is the key to improving education in the United States. Technology can help.
Become a Big Historian Big History for Everyone
BY Bill Gates ON NOVEMBER 1, 2013
Today we’re launching a new version of Big History: one that’s open and free for everyone. Like the school course, this version covers the history of the universe and how everything ties together—the basic approach that makes Big History my favorite course of all time.
BY Bill Gates ON AUGUST 15, 2013
After two years of pilot projects, a new Big History course tailored for high school students and teachers is now free, open, and available to any educator.
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 23, 2013
I met with Kofi Annan and Bill Clinton on the first day of the United Nations General Assembly week.
BY Bill Gates ON JULY 11, 2012
On July 11, 2012, I addressed the 2012 ECS National Forum on Education Policy in Atlanta, Georgia on the subject of improving outcomes for education in the U.S. Here's a transcript of my remarks.
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 10, 2012
When I think about everything that went into developing the MenAfriVac vaccine, it’s a great example of what we have learned works well in global health.
BY Bill Gates ON NOVEMBER 30, 2012
The changes and progress in 2012 have made for the most convincing case yet that ending polio is possible – and is one of the most concrete accomplishments possible for global health.
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 21, 2013
These UN population projections are worth taking a closer look at, but a lot of the stories I’ve seen have missed two key points that are worth calling out.
BY Bill Gates ON APRIL 19, 2012
Over the last 100 years, the internal combustion engine has transformed almost every aspect of how people work and live. Now, a small company called EcoMotors is proposing a radical overhaul for this century-old workhorse.
BY Bill Gates ON MARCH 26, 2014
Melinda and I attended TED this year, and the organizers asked us to suggest a few books that attendees might enjoy. I thought I’d share the lists we put together, starting with my picks.
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 20, 2014
Breakthrough technology, growing philanthropy, and other impressions from my stop in China.
BY Bill Gates ON FEBRUARY 3, 2014
Recently I went to New York City, London, and Davos to talk about the Annual Letter that Melinda and I wrote. I thought I’d share a few highlights of my trip.
BY Bill Gates ON JULY 12, 2014
Elizabeth Kolbert argues that humans are causing another mass extinction.
My bookshelf The Bully Pulpit
BY Bill Gates ON JULY 12, 2014
A terrific look at the relationship between two former presidents.
BY Bill Gates ON APRIL 25, 2014
My visit to Cambodia, where they’re trying to eliminate the disease for good.
Tech in Schools 6 Tools for Teachers
BY Bill Gates ON AUGUST 18, 2014
Promising apps and websites that could make your teacher’s job easier.
Wealth and Capital Why Inequality Matters
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 13, 2014
The insights and flaws of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century.
summer reading 6 Books I'd Recommend
BY Bill Gates ON JULY 12, 2014
Great reads to take you through the summer.
BY Bill Gates ON AUGUST 14, 2012
The Gates Foundation held a Reinvent the Toilet Fair, to get some innovative thinkers to design safe, inexpensive toilets for people who have none.
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 24, 2013
Day two in New York just ended, and it was another terrific day. Melinda and I got to see a lot of people who share many of the goals we're working on.
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 29, 2013
I try to visit India at least once a year.
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 23, 2013
I attended U.N. Week to meet with leaders from parts of the world where the Gates Foundation is working.
BY Bill Gates ON FEBRUARY 18, 2014
The national debate over education standards is getting dragged down by myths about what the Common Core is, where it come from, and the impact it will have.
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 6, 2013
What’s one thing we’re doing in education that harms teachers and students and threatens U.S. global leadership? I share my answer in my TED talk.
The tough job of teaching What Teachers Mean to Me
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 5, 2013
The documentary TEACH gives you a great idea of how hard teachers work and the challenges they're up against.
Dogs, tweets, and Tokyo What Does 20 Million Look Like?
BY Bill Gates ON APRIL 22, 2013
Between 2011 and 2020, childhood vaccine programs will save 20 million lives. What does 20 million look like?
BY Bill Gates ON SEPTEMBER 26, 2012
Thanks to the efforts of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, today there are the fewest number of new polio cases in the fewest districts in the fewest countries than at any time in history.
BY Bill Gates ON DECEMBER 3, 2013
I visited Nigeria last month, and saw firsthand how work is progressing on polio eradication and immunization.
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 24, 2012
The world has an opportunity to join together to end polio. Thanks for your continued support of this goal.
Fighting Blindness A Story From One of My Heroes
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 16, 2014
How a global coalition came together to curb a crippling disease.
BY Bill Gates ON MAY 30, 2013
The Gates Foundation supported a study that evaluated more than 20,000 children in sites with high rates of deaths from diarrhea. The results just came out, and they’re very exciting.
20 years of growth India’s Progress
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 19, 2012
If you’re wondering whether development aid programs really do any good, or if you doubt that government spending on things like health can really make a difference, then you should go to India, as I did again just recently.
Stopping infection, vaccinating World Malaria Day: Reasons to Celebrate
BY Bill Gates ON APRIL 25, 2012
We've made great progress in the past decade, but we need to employ a combination of strategies to eradicate malaria in the next 20 or 30 years.
“Developing countries”? The River of Myths by Hans Rosling
BY Bill Gates ON JANUARY 30, 2013
Hans Rosling shows how measurement reveals incredible progress in saving the lives of children in what were once labeled "developing countries."
PIONEERING POWER We Need Energy Miracles
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 25, 2014
How to get breakthrough ideas for providing power to the poorest people.
BY Bill Gates ON JUNE 25, 2014
Affordable clean energy should be high on the anti-poverty agenda.
Keep the switch on The Energy Research Imperative
BY Bill Gates ON NOVEMBER 17, 2011
In an editorial in the journal Science, I make the case for increased U.S. government investment in clean energy innovation.
BY Bill Gates ON DECEMBER 23, 2013
You're probably seeing a lot of people's year-end lists right now, going through the best movies, books, YouTube clips, grumpy cat memes, etc. I thought I would share a different kind of list: some of the good news you might have missed.
Philanthropy for Everyone How You Can Be a More Effective Donor
BY Bill Gates ON DECEMBER 2, 2013
You may have heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s another day you might want to know about: Giving Tuesday.
BY Bill Gates ON NOVEMBER 12, 2013
Over the past few months I got a crash course in magazine publishing thanks to a fun collaboration with WIRED magazine.
A model of ingenuity America’s Greatest Inventor
BY Bill Gates ON OCTOBER 8, 2013
Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, the movie camera, and a lot more. But his inventions may not be his greatest legacy.