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Photos from my trip

Snapshots of UN Week

While in New York, Sandro Rosell and I recorded a short video together talking about the foundation’s partnership with FC Barcelona to work toward saving children’s lives around the world.

Bill and Sandro Rosell

Sandro Rosell (L), the President of FC Barcelona and the FC Barcelona Foundation and Ramon Pont (R), the Vice President and Director of FC Barcelona have been tremendous partners in using their club and its worldwide fan base to raise awareness of polio with their “More than a Goal” campaign.

Bill and FC Barcelona

Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali, President of the Islamic Development Bank, and I signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the foundation and the IsDB. Their financial support will make a big difference. But in addition, the support and commitment of so prominent an Islamic institution will be of great help to our efforts in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Signing the memorandum

I enjoyed dinner with senior leadership from the Islamic Development Bank and learned a lot while in New York.

Bill at UNGA

I started Day Two in New York with an early meeting with President Karzai of Afghanistan. His country is one of the last three where polio remains at large. He’s truly on board for doing everything he can to work on polio. Afghanistan presents daunting challenges – but it’s encouraging to see his support and leadership.

Bill and President Karzai

The main reason for my trip to New York was to attend a meeting hosted by Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations. At the meeting, heads of state from Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan stood alongside donor government officials and new donors from the public and private sector to outline what we need to do to stamp out polio. It was a remarkable display of solidarity, energy and commitment. It was an honor to be there.

Bill Gates at UNGA

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