“Mosquitoes Are Smart. We Have to Be Smarter.”

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mosquito week

“Mosquitoes Are Smart. We Have to Be Smarter.”

One of the things I love most about my work in global health is getting to meet with amazing scientists who are trying to save lives. For Mosquito Week I thought I would introduce you to one of them: Dr. Prosper Chaki, whom I met in Tanzania in 2011.

Dr. Chaki runs a project in Dar es Salaam designed to kill Anopheles mosquito larvae. He spends his days wading into ponds, puddles, and marshes, spreading a biological insecticide in the areas where mosquitoes breed. His project has helped dramatically reduce malaria cases in the city. “Mosquitoes are smart,” Dr. Chaki told me. “We have to be smarter.”

He is just one of thousands of innovative researchers around the globe designing new and better ways to fight malaria. Thanks to their efforts the world is making progress against the disease.

You can learn more about how we’re getting smarter in our fight against malaria by watching this video about Dr. Chaki’s work.

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