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Great Lectures from Hans Rosling

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A Great Communicator

Great Lectures from Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling gave a short presentation on AIDS at TED this year.

He was very good at explaining things even though they gave him only 10 minutes this year. I was hoping I’d have a chance to talk to Hans at TED but I did not.

He gave another talk called What Stops Population Growth that is absolutely worth watching as well (in fact I’d recommend watching this one first). The talk explains how population and health are related and addresses a question Melinda and I get often: “If we solve health issues in the developing countries won’t we see a surge in population growth?”

The answers to this will surprise many people.

Melinda and I recently gave a talk in Washington D.C. called Living Proof which highlights some of the progress that is being made as a result of U.S. and global aid. In it Melinda uses some of Rosling’s data to illustrate the effect of improved health on population growth.

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