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Talking About Energy at TED

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Looking Forward to It

Talking About Energy at TED

I’ll be in Long Beach this week to attend the annual TED Conference.

I started going a couple of years ago. It’s an amazing gathering of leaders and innovators from a wide range of fields. The TED website provides access to hundreds of great talks from some of the world’s best lecturers and thinkers, and I’ve watched quite a few of them. Some of my favorites are: Hans Rosling, Jill Bolte Taylor, Paul Collier, and George Whitesides. Nathan Myhrvold gave a fun talk in 2007 and will be speaking again this year.

I spoke at last year’s TED conference and got quite a bit of attention for releasing live mosquitoes during my remarks about malaria.

The 2010 conference agenda looks great. There are lots of scientists speaking including George Whitesides who I wrote about. The KIPP founders will be speaking and their work has inspired me and many of the people at our foundation. I am excited to see them talk at TED. This is a year where I don’t think I’ll miss a session.

On Friday, I’ll be speaking about a topic I’ve focused on during the past year – the need for greater investment in innovation for energy and climate solutions.

With so many interesting people at TED, I expect to learn a lot and I want to share some of what I learn more broadly. I’ll try to tweet a lot this week along with posting pictures from the conference.

I also plan to spend some time throughout the conference writing up my thoughts on what I’ve seen and heard during the day, which I’ll post here on this site and on Twitter (@billgates).

On Friday after I speak, I’m planning to spend some time answering questions via a video feed. That will give me a chance to answer your questions and others from Twitter followers.

If you have questions or thoughts about TED, send them to me at Twitter and use the hashtag #BillatTED so I can sort through them more easily.

I’ll provide more information about the video session in the next couple of days, including the exact time and a URL.

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