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Heading to Sundance

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Some Favorite Movies

Heading to Sundance

I’m going to the Sundance Film Festival to attend the showing of Waiting for Superman, which is a great film by Davis Guggenheim about the U.S. education system that is coming out later this year. This will be the first time I’ve attended Sundance.

Although I watch very few TV shows, Melinda and I see a lot of movies – at least one per week. I have never really met with movie stars but since I’m going to Sundance, I asked to see if I could meet Robert Redford, whose work I admire.

It looks like I will get to meet him, which will be great. He directed my all time favorite movie – Ordinary People. I also love A River Runs Through It, Quiz Show, and The Horse Whisperer. I really like every movie he directed.

I also like almost every movie he starred in. Some of my favorites include Spy Game, Three Days of the Condor, The Sting, and The Great Gatsby. If you haven’t seen these I highly recommend them! I have watched all of them at least three times.

I’m not sure what we will discuss but between movies, politics, and philanthropy I am sure it will be a fun conversation.

I’ll be doing more on Twitter from the festival as well.

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