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startling numbers

College Completion Rates: Chronicle of Higher Education Data

The Chronicle of Higher Education launched an interactive tool that makes it easy to dig into data around U.S. college graduation rates. What they found is startling, revealing a widespread problem that must be addressed.

Of the more than four million freshman who started college in 2004, just over one million graduated within six years.

Chronicle of Higher Education - College Completion

So what happened to the more than three million students who didn't graduate? It's important that we spend time digging into this data to better understand how to improve college graduation rates.

Chronicle of Higher Education - College Completion

The Chronicle of Higher Education's College Completion site provides access to the raw data, and opens up areas to share your thinking on why this is happening, and how to solve the problem. There are also several stories designed to help readers understand the data. It's a great way to learn more about this important issue.

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