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On the Road with Bono

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On the Road with Bono

This week, Bono and I are meeting with European leaders in anticipation of a two-day summit in Brussels next month, when countries will discuss the future of the EU budget. Included in the discussion will be the EU’s commitments to overseas development assistance, which we hope the EU will continue despite its economic challenges.

On the Road with Bono

To raise awareness and keep the pressure on, ONE has launched the Lifesaver of the Century campaign celebrating the fact that all Europeans can be lifesavers through contributions to the EU aid budget. Over 96,000 Europeans have already signed ONE’s EU budget petition. ONE teams in Berlin, Paris and London are organizing events.

These are just a few of the many great things ONE and Bono are doing to help fight extreme poverty and improve global health.

I get to hang out with a lot of very cool and inspiring people. But none more so than Bono. I first met him a decade ago, and we’ve worked together a lot since. But people are still curious about our connection. I guess we might seem like a strange pair. We are. Melinda and I have many friends, allies and valued partners in our philanthropic work, but few as creative, energetic and inspiring as Bono. 

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