A Conversation with Bill Gates: How Can Countries Help

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Questions on how countries can help

A Conversation with Bill Gates: How Can Countries Help

A Conversation with Bill Gates: Global Development Opportunities
Thursday, February 2, 2012
Question excerpt from Transcript of Q & A Session with Larry Cohen

We had a great question from someone. They wanted to know are there things that countries can do in addition to giving just money to those countries in need?

Well, aid dollars are a big thing, but a country can have research activities even done inside the country, that are discoveries on behalf of the poorest. So if you're working on a malaria vaccine, you know, that's a great scientist being funded in your country. But if they're successful, then it improves the conditions in those poor countries.

You can also have technical expertise, where you're going out and helping them land rights, systems of justice, going out and having people volunteer in those countries. Amazingly having immigration policies that allow people to come in from these countries is actually beneficial as well. Because the remittances, the money sent back by those workers is gigantic, often even greater than the aid money. And so that sense of opportunity and what they learn is important there. So a lot of different elements that you can do to try and reduce this unbelievable inequity.


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